Three of our lovely students have taken over the Footlights blog to bring you their account of this years trip to Disney! Read on to hear more…

Disney was literally the best trip ever!!! I think we were a bit nervous at the start because One – we were performing at Disney which is really intimidating and Two – the last trip to Disney was so amazing! I think we were a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to it but we were wrong, it was incredible!

To get the parts for the show we had to audition for our solo’s. It wasn’t as scary and intimidating as we thought it was going to be, the auditions themselves were really laid back and good fun and then actually doing them on stage you were so lost in the performance we didn’t really notice we were singing by ourselves! Rehearsals were tough but the support from everyone really made the experience good fun.

I don’t think many people minded the early start as we were going to Disneyland and I don’t think many people slept much due to excitement! The journey there didn’t actually seem too long because we all were having a good laugh and getting ready for our Disney set. When we first saw the Disney hot air balloon in the distance the whole coach went crazy, it was hilarious. When we got there we went to our rooms and sorted ourselves out, we mostly split into groups and went for tea and had a little look around the park. It was really nice and chilled as we could just split off and go into different groups but still feel like a big family. On the first night we didn’t get in until at least midnight and we fell straight into bed after a long day of travelling and good laughs. One thing we did learn that day was that water was essential (when we performed it was 39 degrees) and one of us ended up carrying three bottles at a time in case someone ran out or they were just really thirsty.

On performance day some people were up again bright and early (some at 5:15am) having breakfast on the go! Hair and makeup was in full swing and before we knew it we were on the coach. We were briefed and allowed a short block through and then we went into the park to promote our performance which was at 1:30pm.

As we weren’t allowed phones back stage we all stayed as a group for the 2 hours or so before our performance and did Buzz Lightyear and Peter Pan as a group. We went back into the theatre and before you knew it we were all glittered up and ready to go on stage. The tension was building but there was no time for that we had to get on the stage! We were told the audience was big but when we walked out the whole building was full (they said around over 1,200). The audience didn’t put us off, if anything it made us more enthusiastic! Those 20 minutes felt like 2 in the moment but when we got out into the sun our bodies realised what we’d actually done. When we got back to the hotel we went straight back out again going on the all the rides we could and eating at Planet Hollywood. It was a great night and we finished it off with the illuminations which made more than one of us cry, strangely.

The next morning we also had to be up and ready as we had to check out and then get to our character breakfast for 8am. It was amazing and we all managed to sit in the same area so we could watch each other let out our inner child meeting Mickey, Tigger and Piglet. As soon as we’d finished breakfast we went straight into space mountain and the other major queueing rides. It was a great final day which was topped off with a bit of food and some shopping. We then went back and loaded up the coach despite us being sad to leave we were all exhausted and needed some well earned rest. The journey back seemed a bit longer because we were all dipping in and out of naps and also we were all missing Disney already. When we finally got back we were all so tired we found most things hilarious and it was such a good time. It was the best holiday we’ve had this year and if we go back again I’m sure we’ll be some of the first to put our names on the list. We’re so grateful for this amazing opportunity that we had and also that we got to spend it with the best people we know!

Lots of love, Lili, Molly and Charlie x

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