Under 5 Dance Classes

Why Should My Under 5 Dance?

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Dance classes help with co-ordination, rhythm and gross motor skills whilst also boosting children’s confidence. Footlights place great importance in nurturing our youngest students and many of our senior performers have been with the Performance Academy since they were under 5 years old.

Available Classes

Infant / Pre-School Dance Classes

This class offers an introduction to modern dance for 3-4 year olds in a safe and nurturing environment. Emphasis is on imagination and fun, while teaching them the basic skills needed to progress in Modern. We use lots of props and games to really bring the class to life for little ones. Classes start from age 3 and a half – children need to be happy to be left at class without a parent watching.

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Commercial Dance Classes

Commercial is a strong dance style involving elements of street and jazz. Expect lots of strutting, posing, and hair tossing as you work it on the dance floor!

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