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These classes comprise of the three main disciplines of dance, drama and singing. Sessions take place on Mondays at Portishead Youth Centre.

Sessions include: vocal and body warm ups, drama improvisations & directed script work, stage management and stage direction, choreographed dance routines, vocal tuition including learning harmonies.

Anyone is welcome to join our theatre academy class. For those students wanting to join of senior school age, entrance will be via an informal trial session where we will assess their enthusiasm and commitment to performing arts.

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Other Classes

Infants Theatre Academy

Infants theatre academy for 4-7 year olds takes place on Mondays after school hours at Portishead Youth Centre. The session lasts 45 minutes. During the session the children experience dance, drama and singing which is a perfect introduction to the performing arts. Our experience has shown that even at a young age these activities help to develop both self confidence and self esteem.

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Theatre Academy Shows

Our Theatre Academy students are given the opportunity to perform in a professional theatre show twice yearly. Performances can take many forms such as full length musicals to concerts showcasing their talents. The shows are an integral part of the theatre academy and our high standards at these events set us apart from other theatre schools.

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Theatre Workshops

Our theatre workshops consist of 10 rehearsal sessions. We invite students from all sides of the performance academy to take part in these events and can also be a great way to try out stage performance for the first time! Check out our workshops section to find out more.

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