Dance and Drama is a waste of time! Isn’t it all just a distraction from their school work?’ At Footlights we disagree.Yes school is of course important and we are entirely supportive of all of our students success in their school lives. However being a teenager can be hard and the performing arts give you more than just the ability to prance around on stage. All of our senior members would agree that dance and performing arts is an integral part of their lives and is the opposite of a distraction. It is what helps to keep them disciplined, focused and maintaining high levels of achievement at school.

In the age of snapchat, instagram and selfies teenagers feel like there is no escape from the judgement of their friendship groups. Footlights is somewhere that they can come and flourish alongside likeminded people whilst socialising, staying active and developing skills of presentation and team collaboration that many won’t begin to experience until they are in higher education or the workplace.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“I do footlights because it opens up a whole new group of people. When I’ve had a bad day and school and the people in school make you feel like you’re worth nothing I can come to footlights and no one has anything against each other and everyone feels just so comfortable with each other. It’s really helped my confidence around people and my skills in performance.”

“I am a naturally shy person. Footlights has given me so much more confidence with performing and everyday life. I have grown in to a creative person who absolutely loves everything musical and dance. Having the opportunity to sing solo at Disneyland Paris this year is challenging, but super exciting! -My Footlights friends are the best a girl could have!”

With our dance, drama and performing arts classes ranging from Age 3 to 18 we are lucky enough to see the development of our students into the amazing young adults they are. If you would like to enrol a child of any age in Footlights then check out all the classes that we have to offer! Our new senior group Centre Stage is now accepting new members via audition, so come along to Footlights studio 4 on a Wednesday and join them for their next production of ‘Into the Woods.’